It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN

Because NO ONE can predict an Earthquake

Here at Firefighter Gas Safety Products we are dedicated to saving lives and property in the event of a earthquake.

Because no one can accurately predict them, we developed this automatic gas shutoff valve that activates and shuts off your home or business natural gas supply in the event of a 5.4 or greater earthquake. Peace of mind and safety for your family are our top priority. Our products are tested and approved by CSA, City of Los Angeles and State of California.

Our valves are manufactured using state of the art CNC machining equipment that allows us to build consistent and reliable valves you can trust. Quality and safety are paramount in the production of our valves. Our core values are safety and dependability and we test every valve that leaves our plant for that very reason.

Products We Offer

From Valves to Water Heater Restraints, we’ve got you covered.

Automatic Gas Shutoff Valves

Our automatic gas shutoff valves come in a variety of angles and sizes

Seismic stabilizer brackets

Easy to install and vital to the proper functioning of the valve itself

Water heater restraints

Secures both 80 and 120 gallon water heaters from earthquakes

How Does It Work?

A Visual guide to our Valves

Please take a moment to understand the simplicity of our valves operation. It has been our experience, that the simpler the operation the more consistent and accurate the function when needed. Each valve is tested and certified before leaving our factory insuring it meets Los Angeles Counties strict approvals.


Valves have been tested to ASCE 25-06, State of California 12-23-1 & ANSI z21.7-1981 Standards for Seismic Gas Valves


Simple, yet Reliable

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