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Firefighter Gas Safety Products dedicated to saving lives and property in the event of a earthquake.

Because no one can accurately predict an earthquake we developed this automatic gas shutoff valve that activates and shuts off your home or business natural gas supply in the event of a 5.4 or greater earthquake. Peace of mind and safety for your family is why we developed it. Tested and approved by CSA, City of Los Angeles and State of California.

Our valves are manufactured using state of the art CNC machining equipment that allows us to build consistent and reliable valves you can trust. Quality and safety are paramount in the production of our valves. Your families lives depend on our product working properly and we test every valve that leaves our plant for that very reason.

New Industrial Sized Firefighter Gas Safety Valves Available!

These industrial sized AGV-series valves are milled from solid aluminum and are specifically made for industry. Our gas valves meet or exceed the requirements of the City of Los Angeles, and are laboratory tested and certified. When safety counts, depend on Firefighter Gas Safety Products.

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Seismic Gas Valve Stabilizer

Firefighter Gas Safety Products gas valve stabilizer is recommended for use with all of our gas shut off valves. Easy to install and vital to the proper functioning of the valve itself. Learn More...